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Honeywell    MP953C

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MP953C 1018

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MP953C 1026

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Honeywell Pneu/Actuator


  • Use with V5011N and V5013N Series valve bodies
  • 5" diameter, 8" diameter, 13" diameter
  • Normal stem up
  • 3/4" stroke

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Model Description List Price SKU
ACTP MP953C 1000 Honeywell Pneu/Actuator,2-7 Psi,V5011/V5013 $50.00 22106
ACTP MP953C 1018 Honeywell Pneu/Actuator,8-12 Psi,V5011/5013 $50.00 22107
ACTP MP953C 1026 Honeywell Pneu/Actuator 4-11 Psi,V5011/V5013 $46.00 22108

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