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Flanders    BP

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Flanders Boxed HD Industrial Grade Air Filters


  • Constructed with heavy-duty, premium-grade synthetic media
  • One-piece frame design ensures integrity during handling and operation
  • Made of durable high-strength chipboard that will stand up to harsh conditions
  • MERV 7

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Model Description List Price SKU
FILTER 16X16X1 Flanders 16X16X1 Boxed Filter $2.20 11389
FILTER 16X20X1 Flanders 16X20X1 Boxed Filter $2.30 11391
FILTER 16X20X2 Flanders 16X20X2 Boxed Filter $2.60 11393
FILTER 16X25X1 Flanders 16X25X1 Boxed Filter $2.50 11398
FILTER 16X25X2 Flanders 16X25X2 Boxed Filter $2.80 11400
FILTER 18X20X1 Flanders 18X20X1 Boxed Filter $2.40 11406
FILTER 18X24X1 Flanders 18X24X1 Boxed Filter $2.26 11408
FILTER 18X24X2 Flanders 18X24X2 Boxed Filter $2.90 11410
FILTER 18X25X1 Flanders 18X25X1 Boxed Filter $2.50 11412
FILTER 20X20X1 Flanders 20X20X1 Boxed Filter $2.50 11414
FILTER 20X20X2 Flanders 20X20X2 Boxed Filter $2.60 11416
FILTER 20X24X1 Flanders 20X24X1 Boxed Filter $2.50 11421
FILTER 20X25X1 Flanders 20X25X1 Boxed Filter $4.50 11425
FILTER 20X25X2 Flanders 20X25X2 Boxed Filter $3.10 11427
FILTER 20X30X1 Flanders 20X30X1 Boxed Filter $3.10 11430
FILTER 24X24X1 Flanders 24X24X1 Boxed Filter $3.10 11436
FILTER 24X24X2 Flanders 24X24X2 Boxed Filter $3.30 11438
FILTER 25X25X1 Flanders 25X25X1 Boxed Filter $2.70 11442
FILTER 25X25X2 Flanders 25X25X2 Boxed Filter $2.90 11444

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